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  1. Connect to the destination v7.5 CKS server.
  2. Import the database dumped on the source v7.3 CKS server:

    mysql -uroot CKS < /path/to/my/dump/CKS.sql

  3. Convert database from v7.3 to 7.4:

    chmod +x /path/to/the/migration_script/7_3-to-7_4.sh
    /path/to/the/migration_script /7_3-to-7_4.sh Lnk4c_index

    Note that this script is provided by Antidot, and is not present by default on servers.

  4. Connect to Mysql and create a new table:

    mysql -uroot -p
    use CKS;
    create table history_entry_custom_metadata (id char(10), primary key (id));

  5. Convert database from 7.4 to 7.5:

    /usr/local/afs7/share/templates/scripts/7_4-to-7_5.sh -s 10041 -S stable -db CKS -u antisearch -p kangoo

  6. Restart CKS services:

    sudo /etc/init.d/cks_alerts stop (on primary CKS box)
    rm -f /usr/local/afs7/alerts/scheduler/data.db
    sudo /etc/init.d/cks_alerts start (on primary CKS box)
    sudo /etc/init.d/cks_server start (on both boxes)

  7. If after migration, the Scheduler host has changed, it is necessary to associate CKS to a Scheduler. See appendix Associate CKS to a Scheduler, and replace cks1-box with the new hostname where the scheduler is installed.
  8. Re-schedule all the scheduled searches. See appendix Re-Schedule all Scheduled Searches.