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AFS Configuration Options

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Each option is described in a table:


Type (default)



Editable in Back Office

Name of the Option as entered in the conf.xml file.

Type of the Option (the default value of this option).

Description of what the option does and how to activate it

Role required to edit the Option through the Configuration Application of the Back Office.

Information whether or not the Option can be edited from the Back Office

Tip: It is recommended to use the Configuration Application of the Back Office to edit Query Engine and Pipes and Filters configurations.

The namespace to use in conf.xml files is:

To get the XPath of the option, it is necessary to concatenate the prefix at the beginning of the table and the value of the column Option XPath for a particular option.

The type of the option can be:

  • string
  • string_list
  • string_map
  • uint
  • double
  • bool

The value of the parameter is written in the last node of the XPath of the option. A short description helps finding the corresponding option when needed.

The default value gives the behavior of the option when it is not declared in the conf.xml file.

Hereafter a conf.xml file example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>
<afs:conf xmlns:afs="">
            <afs:initGraceTime value="600"/>
                    <afs:title value="1024"/>
                    <afs:warning value="10"/>
                    <afs:discard value="50"/>
            <afs:defaultRule value="true"/>
                <afs:mapItem key="*from*" value="false"/>
                <afs:mapItem key="*browser*" value="false"/>