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Antidot products are highly optimized to make the best of the processor, kernel, and system they are running on in order to operate efficiently the users services.

Antidot products are provided for the two main Linux distributions: Debian and Red Hat Enterprise:

  • Debian is a 100% free distribution system. It offers the best stability on the market as Debian distributions are updated only for security purpose. Antidot products are available for the Squeeze version of Debian. The Antidot datacenter hosting the SaaS cluster of Antidot products runs on Debian Wheezy.
  • Red Hat is a commercial distribution of Linux. It is appreciated in the industry for its stability and support. Thanks to the GPL license, RHEL sources are free. Antidot products are available for RHEL 7 last update.
    • There are three installation types for RHEL, including different type of packages: RHEL Client, RHEL Workstation and RHEL Server. Antidot products can be installed on any of these three versions, but to compile specific AIF filters RHEL Server is necessary (because of specific packages needed by the Core Devkit).

Antidot products are available for Intel 64-bit processors.

AFS only works on a system using a UTF-8 locale.