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Antidot Finder Suite is a toolbox made of modules, filters, and software agents to build customized information search and access solutions. It only requires selecting, assembling, and configuring one or more agents among a set of ready-to-use modules.

Every agent handles a data source whether it be web sites, file servers, archives, databases, directories, XML flows, e-catalogs, and so on. This agent-based technology makes the best of every data source processing while considering constraints of access, security, format, structure, and content. Besides, it affords high upgrading capacities for it only requires additional agents to expand the solution (new data sources or functions).

AFS v7 is structured with three modules:

  • Pipes and Filters (AFS-PaF) is the module in charge of data harvesting, transformation and indexing. AFS-PaF does industrialize data processing before the indexing phase.
  • Query Engine (AFS-QE) is the module that handles queries from users or third-party applications. AFS-QE uses the search index, linguistic and semantic information generated by AFS-PaF.
  • The Back Office (AFS-BO) is the control center of AFS. AFS-BO is used for configuring the solution, running, managing, and tuning AFS.

AFS is an extremely modular solution. Each functionality can be overloaded thanks to C++, Python, and Java SDKs to modify their behavior and handle the most complex requirements.

Its plugin-based architecture allows modules to be added in order to implement and integrate new system functionalities. Its open Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) makes it possible to integrate AFS seamlessly in existing environments.