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All Antidot information access solutions are built on the same award-winning and cutting-edge technical framework: Antidot Finder Suite (AFS). This technological backbone, with its thoroughly unique design, uses the principle of software agents organized in a network.

AFS is a software suite designed to index large data sources and build full-featured reply indexes used by software agents to provide a rich user experience (fast replies, faceted search, advanced linguistic features, and so on).

An agent is a program that autonomously accomplishes a particular task within a much larger system.

AFS can be operated on out-of-the-shelf commodity hardware. Since its first version in 1999, AFS has been able to manage clusters of servers out of the box — a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure scalability and fault tolerance of search services.

This entirely revolutionary approach constitutes a technological breakthrough compared to standard solutions based on a single index. The agent-based AFS architecture is the key to its differentiation in the market, through the following fundamental strengths:

  • Relevance: This architecture delivers replies of higher relevance because each agent optimally analyzes its assigned data source, taking its specific characteristics into account. In addition, each agent can be individually and precisely configured to fully leverage its source.
  • Stability and robustness: This architecture guarantees a stable, robust solution, even in complex environments, affording hot plugging/unplugging or modification of an agent without affecting the others.
  • Scalability: AFS adapts to usage and budgetary imperatives. By simply adding agents, the solution can process a vast amount of data (even hundreds of millions of documents), handle the needs of additional users (hundreds of queries per second), or assure high availability services.
  • Performance: Its modular architecture makes it easy to carry out load balancing, and to create redundant systems. When run in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) operated by Antidot, AFS gives a guaranteed average reply time of 500ms, independent of the complexity of the query.
  • Upgradability: The investment is protected because new formats or sources are handled by simply adding a new agent. The solution tracks the environment and remains up-to-date. It cannot become obsolete.
  • Adaptability: Deployment of unique, customized solutions is quick and easy using the numerous generic agents already available that respond to the most common requirements, while integrating business-specific rules corresponding to client needs.