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Every reply for a search service is an XML flow. The flow must be converted to carry information into a language understood by web browsers — usually (X)HTML — or applications operating AFS.

The AFS result XML flow can be used in:

  • web 1.0 where the XML flow can be converted at the AFS server level into an HTML page with an XSL style sheet in order to replicate a base template. CSS style sheets make it possible to shape the layout of the generated HTML pages. A number of XSL style sheets can be applied by AFS on different pages to meet the applications needs.
  • web 2.0 where the reply pages are made of widgets — compliant with Javascript or Ajax technologies. Widgets collects the XML reply flow at the client level and process it to generate locally the HTML items to display.

The following sample web page is made of three AFS widgets to display the current query, the number of replies, and the inter-page navigation:

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xmlns:html="" xml:lang="en"
<title>Partial example</title>
<awml:widget type="keywords" style="display: none"></awml:widget>
<awml:widget type="results" style="display: none"></awml:widget>
<awml:widget type="pager" style="display: none"></awml:widget>

In the example, using widgets is easy and needs no operation of the server level. The graphical layout is fully performed in CSS.