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The Query Engine (AFS-QE) is in charge of providing fast, accurate, and reliable results to user queries.


It can scale up to handling several hundred different search engines, and tens of millions of user queries in the same datacenter.

The Query Engine is made of several components:

  • Web services (search, acp, click) provide the basic search engine functionality: searches, completions, and logging.
  • The Query Manager is in charge of managing the search engines (including automatic detection of their creation and deletion) and of notifying agents when their reply databases are updated.
  • The Log Manager stores rich logs about the use of the search engine (including session information, use of facets, and so on).
  • The Content Repository is the AFS v7 service in charge of storing and giving access to the indexed documents (content web service).

From AFS v7.9.6.0, it is recommended to migrate to Nerada, the new underlying technology for the Content Repository.

  • The Update Manager is in charge of installing and synchronizing reply databases and configuration items.