Add Alternate Spellings - ABO - Technical Notes

Back Office Vocabularies Application

Technical Notes

Click NEW VOCABULARY and fill in the following fields:

New Vocabulary Pop-Up Alternate Spellings

TYPE: select Taxonomy

INDEXING USE: select Semantic Enrichment (Indexing)

LANG: set the language of the vocabulary (it can be specific to a regional variant of the language)

NAME: enter the name of the New Vocabulary. It will only be displayed in Back Office management interface (required)

DESCRIPTION: enter a description for the New Vocabulary. It will only be displayed in Back Office management interface (optional)

TAGS: enter words to be used as filters to find the vocabulary in Vocabularies application (optional)

Thesaurus (SKOS) supports several languages at the same time.

Click SAVE.

The following screen is displayed:

alternate spell


The following menu appears:

alternate spell menu

Fill in the following fields:

  • Term: enter the main term for which you want to set grammatical variants.
  • Synonyms: enter alternate spelling for the chosen term. You can add as many variants as you need.

Click SAVE or SAVE AND NEW if you want to add another synonym.

Click the term.

Alternate spellings

  • DEFINITIONS: used to enter a definition for the term (Optional)
  • SCHEME(S): used to associate a scheme to the term in order to classify it according to its meaning (Optional).
    For example: two schemes like 'moral judgement' and 'value judgement' can be associated with the word 'good' for its different meanings.
  • FOCUS: used to link a SKOS concept to a non SKOS RDF file (Optional).
    For more information, see this page.
  • LEXICAL VARIANTS: used to assign a language to the term (Optional).
    The * symbol means it applies to all languages.


A video tutorial is available at the following address: Define Alternate Spelling.

DO NOT FORGET to click PUBLISH. Documents will need to be reindexed in order to use the updated vocabularies. Please contact your Fluid Topics administrator to perform this action.