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It possible to update content that is part of a cluster.

It is necessary to reupload content through the same source(s) as previously used. If this requirement is not respected, Fluid Topics generates duplicates of the content.

Since Fluid Topics automatically updates the content, it is not necessary to delete the previously uploaded version of the document.


To change the values for the Feature topic of the Time Machine v1.0 - Technical Datasheet DITA map from Novice and Expert to Novice, Intermediate, and Expert, update the map as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE bookmap PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA BookMap//EN" "bookmap.dtd">
<bookmap xml:lang="en-US" linking="none">
<mainbooktitle>Time Machine v1.0 - Technical Datasheet</mainbooktitle>
<othermeta name="ft:clusterId" content="Foo">
<topicref href="features.dita" otherprops="novice, intermediate, expert"/>
<topicref href="dimensions.dita" otherprops="novice, expert"/>

The new values defined in the otherprops element are added to the appropriate topic. The ft:clusterId metadata key is still present with the same value as it had before. One new DITAVAL file, Intermediate.ditaval, is created.

The next step is to compress the DITA map, DITA topic files, and the DITAVAL files into a new ZIP archive, and then upload the ZIP archive to Fluid Topics.

Once uploaded, three variants of the Time Machine v1.0 - Technical Datasheet are now available instead of two.