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Fluid Topics Release Notes v3.5

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Released on April 30th, 2019.


  1. Adds HTML description meta when crawling maps, topics and unstructured documents using ft:description metadata

  2. Use Dita property shortdesc as metadata ft:description for crawl

  3. Use FTML property ft:description as metadata for crawl

  4. Make it easy for external web integrations to authenticate their users to Fluid Topics by delegating that work to the turnkey portal login page

Bug Fixes

Component Issue Number Description

Fixes an issue where same metadata values would be displayed in different order when no sort is configured


Fixes an issue where the download button icon in the viewer's action bar would not be displayed


Fixes an issue where a user with the PERSONAL_BOOK_USER role could read and delete another user’s PBK if he knows the URL pointing to it

Fluid Topics 3.5.12 relies on AFS v7.11.37.