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Fluid Topics Release Notes v3.5

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Released on July 8th, 2019.


  1. The Unstructured Document connector support the new standard control file format.

  2. Improves sidebar behavior on tablet-sized devices

  3. Add ability to customize the relevance sort used by Fluid Topics search

  4. Yaml files and files with ‘text/’ mimetype are now directly readable in the viewer

  5. Fixes some typos and missing texts in the Administration > Portal > Theme interface

Bug Fixes

Component Issue Number Description
Reader Page FT-4551

Fixes an issue where the reader page would not display correctly on smaller screens in IE11

Portal FT-4558

Fixes an issue where the yellow star marking mandatory fields in a form would not be displayed on the same line as the label.

Knowledge Hub FT-4560

Fixes an issue where dita connector would display false error when a keydef contained http link

My Library FT-4562

Fixes an issue where topic tooltips in personnal books could be cut-off by the next topic

Portal FT-4568

Fixes an issue where the footer would disappear when cancelling a "Sign in" action.

Fluid Topics 3.5.25 relies on AFS v7.11.37.