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Fluid Topics Release Notes v3.5

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Released on July 22nd, 2019.


  1. Adds a new ANALYTICS_USER role that grants access to all Fluid Topics Khub analytics.

  2. Tag all requests issued to Fluid Topics by the Turnkey Portal with an Ft-Calling-App HTTP header for improved traceability of webservice calls.

  3. Optimizes the disk space usage by deleting unattached attachments on reprocessing.

Bug Fixes

Component Issue Number Description
Search Page FT-4529

Adds a new theme variable to configure the borders of multivalued-metadata tags.

Viewer Page FT-4559

Fixes an issue where the mime type of map attachments could not be manually set.

Reader Page FT-4573

Fixes an issue where the Reader would sometimes react to undesired events causing JavaScript errors.

Portal FT-4580

Fixes an issue where metadata with long value would overflow on small screens. Metadata tags now end with an ellipsis on text overflow. The whole content can be displayed by clicking the tag.

Turnkey Portal FT-4586

Fixes an issue where the Sidebar entries would not be highlighted when the window is smaller than 1280 pixels wide.

Turnkey Portal FT-4587

Fixes an issue where the cross-document link popup button would be displayed larger than necessary in Internet Explorer when the window is smaller than 1280 pixels wide.

My Library FT-4589

Fixes an issue where the Create PBK popup would not be displayed as expected.

Turnkey Portal FT-4590

Fixes an issue where the Add to PBK mode switcher would not be displayed as expected in Internet Explorer.

Knowledge Hub FT-4591

Fixes an issue where the UD control file parsing error was not logged.

Portal FT-4595

Fixes an issue where some CSS deprecation warnings would be logged server-side when exporting to PDF.

Upgrade Information

Analytics feature is now out of beta and requires the new ANALYTICS_USER role: users with ADMIN and BETA_USER roles will lose access after upgrade. They should add the ANALYTICS_USER role to their account if need be.

Fluid Topics 3.5.26 relies on AFS v7.11.37.