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Fluid Topics Release Notes v3.5

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Released on July 23rd, 2019.


  1. Adds the ft:khubVersion facet to hold information about the Fluid Topics version used to last publish or reprocess resources .

Bug Fixes

Component Issue Number Description
Search Page FT-4596

Fixes an issue where sometimes filters were not removed when switching from one language to another.

Installation FT-4597

Fixes an issue where installation scripts would report useless errors for Nerada Content Repository.

Users FT-4604

Fixes an issue where the Sign In button would not react when the form fields would be pre-filled after a session timeout.

My Library FT-4609

Fixes an issue where the buttons in the edition popup of a Personal Book ToC would overflow.

Knowledge Hub FT-4613

Fixes an issue where the comment for ud:id in the metadata journal was not accurate.

Fluid Topics 3.5.27 relies on AFS v7.11.37.