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Welcome on board

Are you new to Fluid Topics? Welcome on board!

To introduce the solution and its capabilities, let's begin with this:

We will present the 4 pillars of Fluid Topics:

  • Find & View
  • Combine & Publish
  • Craft & Share
  • Measure & Analyze

Find and view

The Turnkey portal, the search engine and the Reader Page are the solution's central user-facing components.

Depending on whether or not you are logged in, and according to your role, you will be able to:

Combine and publish

You will have a look at the invisible side of Fluid Topics: the Knowledge Hub, Publishing and Metadata, any source, any format.

You need to be logged in and assigned the appropriate user roles in order to:

Craft and share

You will discover the best way to engage your customers and allow them to make your content their own.

You need to be logged in to access most features, since they are "user account dependant."

Some examples include:

Measure and Analyze

With Fluid Topics, you can know precisely how your end users are interacting with your documentation.

Analytics are available for users with the "Analytics user" or "Admin" roles. With Analytics, you have access to:

  • A dashboard to monitor Fluid Topics activity,
  • Search dashboard, with terms and facets used, search with no results
  • Insight into which documents users are consulting, content usage through metadata, most popular documents
  • Traffic analysis, sessions, countries and browsers used by end users
  • Much more to come

  • This page offers more information about Analytics.

    The Analytics Technical Note can help you here
    The Analytics menu can be accessed by clicking on the icon between "Administration" and "My Account" at the top right of the Turnkey Portal's home page.

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