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Personal book: New PDF template available

As a Fluid Topics administrator, you know that your end-users can export a PDF version of a Personal Book in order to share it with colleagues, friends, customers, and so on.

This feature is a smash hit with Support People: they can create a "just for you" document in a few clicks, assembling extracts from different guides, release notes, etc.

They can add comments, save the new document as a PDF or share the URL.

You can (re)discover this wonderful feature called Personal Books and get more details.

Fluid Topics uses a default PDF template that is customized during the setup phase. It used to be tricky to modify this template on your end once it had been customized... but now it's quite simple!

So what's new?

The Fluid Topics PDF template has recently been updated. It is now much easier to customize it and align it with your graphic charter.
Since the code is now clearly documented, any designer can take your graphic and UX needs into account.
The template is based on Velocity, meaning HTML and CSS.
You will find the new default template in the Administration > Portal > PDF Export section of your Fluid Topics tenant. You can download the default template or a template which has been customized by your team.

The new PDF template became available with Fluid Topics v3.6.10 in mid september 2019.
Everything you need to know about configuring PDF templates is available in our documentation,