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The ft:analytics:userevents event is used to listen one of the following events:

The following lines show the template to apply when using the ft:analytics:userevents event:

document.addEventListener('ft:analytics:userevents', function(event){
window.alert('New analytics events: ' + JSON.stringify(event.detail));


  • event.detail is a JSON array containing AnalyticsUserEvent objects.

The following lines show an example of an AnalyticsUserEvent object:

appName: "ft/webapp",
appVersion: "3.8.30",
contentLocale: "en-US",
name: "topic.start_display",
offline: false,
parameters: {},
uiLocale: "en-US"


  • appName is the name of the app generating the event (it should always be ft/webapp when using the ft:analytics:userevents event).
  • appVersion is the version of the app generating the event.
  • contentLocale is the content language chosen by the user.
  • name is the name of the event.
  • offline indicates whether the event was generated when the user was offline.
  • parameters defines the specific fields of the event, which are different for each event.
  • uiLocale is the

To learn how to configure the custom.js file in order to retrieve analytics events from the turnkey portal and send them to an in-house analytics stack, see Analytics Events.

Incorrectly configuring a tenant's custom.js file can break the tenant. Antidot cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur for this reason.