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Technical Notes
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This event occurs when a document stops being displayed in the web app or when the user is inactive for 28 minutes.

Depending on the user's Operating System and browser, this event might not be sent when the user closes the app.

This event has the following fields:

  • document: contains the following information about the document:
    • originId: the originId of the document.
    • metadata: a list of the document’s metadata with the label and values of each key.
    • title: the title of the document.
    • type: the document's type (e.g., STRUCTURED_DOCUMENT).
  • location: indicates where and how the document was displayed with the following fields:
    • type: can be page when the document is displayed in the entire page, or preview when only a part of the document was displayed.
    • value: contains more information about where the document was displayed. For example, when the type is page, the value can be reader, meaning that the document was displayed in the Reader page.
  • viewDurationMs: contains the length of time the document was displayed in milliseconds.