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Manage Map Attachments in Fluid Topics

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Fluid Topics v3.7.19 introduces a feature allowing users with the ADMIN or KHUB_ADMIN user role to manage map attachments asynchronously (i.e., after the content has been uploaded) in the UI as follows:

  1. In the Reader page, open the document to which the resource is to be attached.
  2. Select the Attachments tab in the sidebar to display the Attachments pane.
  3. Select the Upload new button. This opens the user's local File Explorer. After selecting a file to upload, a new section appears in the Attachments pane where it is possible to modify the attachment's display name.
  4. Select the Save button to add the attachment to the map.
  5. Once Fluid Topics has finished processing the attachment, the Refresh button becomes available. It is necessary to select this button to display the attachment in the Attachments pane.

At any time, it is possible to expand the attachment's information section in the Attachments pane to modify or remove the attachment.

- It is possible to modify the attachment's filename once the file has been attached successfully.

- Fluid Topics automatically detects a media type when uploading a map attachment in the interface.

- If the same file with the same name is attached to different publications via the interface, it will not be the same entity in Fluid Topics.

Modifications made in the UI to map attachments that were not originally added in the interface can potentially be overwritten in some scenarios:

- For map attachments originally added synchronously, reuploading the map attachments synchronously in the future overwrites the configuration in the interface.

- For map attachments originally added asynchronously with a control file, reuploading the map attachment synchronously in the future does not overwrite the configuration in the interface.

- In all cases, uploading the original map attachment with a control file overwrites the configuration in the interface.