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The ft_update_front script is deprecated from Fluid Topics version 3.4.46. It is replaced by the ft_update_reply_conf script.

The ft_update_front script is used to update a front to the newest Fluid Topics version.

Command template:

ft_update_front [-H ${back_office_hostname}] [-https] [--port ${webserver_port}] [--ws-login WS_LOGIN] [--ws-password [WS_PASSWORD]] [--api-key API_KEY] [-v] [-h]

Command example:


Command arguments:

  • -H: Expects the hostname of the Back Office server ("localhost" by default if the command is run on the server hosting the Back Office environment). Can also be written --host.
  • --ws-login: Expects the login of the user authorized to launch the web service (by default, "antidot").
  • --ws-password: Expects the password of the user authorized to launch the web service (by default, it is the default password of the "antidot" Back Office user).
  • -https: Enables the use of HTTPS protocol. Can also be written --secure.
  • --port: Expects the port number used to access the Back Office server.
  • --api-key: Expects the API key of the Back Office user.
  • -h: Displays the help and lists all available optional arguments for the command. Can also be written --help.

  • -v: Activates the verbose mode. Can also be written --verbose.

The script is available in the antidot-fluidtopics-reply package.