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Fluid Topics natively supports the following versions of DITA Open Toolkit:

  • DITA OT 1.7
  • DITA OT 1.8
  • DITA OT 2.1

The DITA Open Toolkit comes with a built in mechanism for adding in extensions through plugins. These plugins may do a wide variety of things, such as adding support for specialized DITA DTDs or Schemas, integrating processing overrides, or even providing entirely new output transforms. Plug-ins are the best way to extend the toolkit in a way that is consistent, easily sharable, and easy to preserve through toolkit upgrades.

Fluid Topics may be customized with the following specific customer plugin:

For security reasons, if too many modifications are performed on the specific plugins over time, it might be necessary to completely uninstall them before installing them again.

Due to the highly versatile and specialized nature of the custom DITA OT plugins, Fluid Topics cannot always assure full compatibility with customers' plugins.

It is strongly recommended to consult your Antidot contact before proceeding with plugin implementation.