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In order for tenants to be correctly installed, a conf.json configuration file is required.

In the case of an on-premises installation, the following file is preset and is automatically provided by means of the antidot-svc-ft-$project_name-singlebox installation package given by Antidot.

The conf.json file contains every parameter relative to the specified tenant. It is mandatory.

  1. Create the following directory:

    As antidot user

    mkdir /usr/local/afs7/Fluid-Topics/conf/$TENANT_ID/

  2. Create the following file:

    As antidot user


The Back Office retrieves the Project Name from the conf.json file to declare the project.

Due to the highly specific settings of the conf.json file, the present documentation only provides minimum requirements.
It is recommended to consult your Antidot contact when editing the conf.json configuration file.

The documentation for all the parameters of the configuration file is available at

To consult the documentation for any other tenant, add "/configuration-doc" to the tenant's URL, for example,