Live Results Removing - AFS

AFS Live Result Removal

Technical Notes

This procedure can be be applied if one or several results have to be removed from the reply set, immediately and without re-indexing.

The builtin facet afs:validity is used, in association with afs_facet_update binary, for live results removing.

The built-in facet afs:validity is automatically generated for every document of the Corpus. This facet is boolean (true or false). Documents with afs:validity=false value are never included in the reply set. This facet is also used internally by AFS for deleted documents managing.

The purpose of this procedure is to set the value of this facet to false for one or several chosen result(s).

Note that this procedure must be applied on every reply server.

Note that in case of data re-indexing, removed documents will appear again in the reply set (excepted if further actions have been applied on PaF side, see Remove Permanently Results From The Reply Set).