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Fluid Topics
Technical Notes
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Fluid Topics assigns an identifier to each .docx file corresponding to the path of the file in the archive. This ensures the uniqueness of each identifier within the archive.

To update a Word document, all .docx files must remain in their original location in the archive.

├── doc1.docx
├── doc2.docx
└── sub-dir
    └── doc1.docx

In the above example, the three .docx files will have the following identifiers:

  • doc1.docx
  • doc2.docx
  • sub-dir/doc1.docx

To update the sub-dir/doc1.docx file, the archive must contain the sub-dir folder. Otherwise, it is the first file (instead of the third) that will be updated.

It is also possible to define identifiers in a control file.