Contents of the DITA Export Archive - Fluid Topics - 3.9 - Technical Notes

Upload DITA Content to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes
Attention: The archive must include ALL the files referenced in a DITA map, whether it is a Top Map or an embedded/sub-level map.

This includes files present in the structure of the DITA map (direct relationship) AND files used by other files in the DITA map (indirect relationship).

All of the following files must be included:

  • DITA map - at least one map for each export, the main map ("Top Map") and all maps used within;
  • Topics - all topics used in the DITA map as well as ALL embedded topics (called by the <xref> attribute);
  • DITAVAL - only required if variables have been assigned to the DITA map or to any file within the DITA map;
  • All linked files called by the <href> attribute, such as:
    • Images
    • Videos, or
    • Unstructured documents, such as:
      • PDF files
      • Microsoft Word documents
      • and others.
Note: Fluid Topics uses the unique ID of a Topic to identify it. Metadata is not used to identify a topic.