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Technical Notes

Folder and file names are case-sensitive.

The value of a DITA href attribute must be a valid URI reference (see RFC 3986). The value not being a valid URI reference results in an error. An implementation may (but not necessarily) result in an error message, and may (but not necessarily) recover from this error condition by attempting to convert the value to a valid URI reference.

Note: The path separator character in a URI is always the forward slash ("/"); the backward slash character ("\") is not permitted unescaped within URIs.

When a resource refers to another one, the proper case must be used.


If your ChangeTimeCapacitor.xml topic refers to Time-Machine-Parts.svg, the reference should be expressed as the following:
and NOT:

All metadata create a search facet on the Fluid Topics portal (attributes of the prolog, topicmeta, bookmeta, and other tags).

The language of the content is defined by the xml:lang attribute of topic and map files. If this attribute is not defined, the content is set to English.

Attention: All files must be packed into one compressed ZIP file before being sent to Fluid Topics. The ZIP file must contain ALL referenced files in your content (like hyperlinks, images, or topicref).