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Technical Notes

DITAVAL-references allow to create topic variants.

Note: The same variant and aggregation mechanism is applied when using DITAVAL-references on map references.

The number of topic variants generated equals the number of DITAVAL-references applied to it.

If you have the topic c_time_capacitor.dita on which to apply the two DITAVALs OD1000.ditaval and OD2000.ditaval, two different variants of the topic are generated and added to the document:
  • c_time_capacitor.dita in its OD1000 version with the pricing information for the time capacitor for the OD1000 time machine
  • c_time_capacitor.dita in its OD2000 version with the pricing information for the time capacitor for the OD2000 time machine
Note: No actual files are created in the DITA project. Only c_time_capacitor.dita file remains in the project.
  1. Prepare the topic c_time_capacitor.dita with its content variants.
  2. Prepare the DITAVAL files OD1000.ditaval and OD2000.ditaval.
  3. Add the DITAVAL-references at the topicref level in the DITA map. The following lines show how the DITAVAL-references are applied to a topic reference in the DITA map file:
    <topicref href="c_time_capacitor.dita">
      <ditavalref href="OD1000.ditaval"/>
      <ditavalref href="OD2000.ditaval"/>
When published to Fluid Topics, both topic variants are published in the "Spare Part Catalogue" :
Topic variants are all published in a same document with ditavalref