Accessing the Back Office Promote Application - Fluid Topics - 3.4

Promote Content in Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

In Fluid Topics, all the displayed promotional content is managed using the Back Office Promote application.

Attention: Promotional content is not displayed if the Editorial Homepage is enabled in Fluid Topics.

To use promotes, disable the Editorial Homepage.

  1. Connect to the Back Office management interface.
    Attention: In license mode, the URL to access the Back Office management interface is the responsibility of the customer.
  2. Log in with your credentials provided by Antidot.

    AFS Back Office login page
    Attention: In SaaS mode, account information is provided by Antidot. Contact Antidot support for more information.
  3. Select a service in the list:

    The available services and their respective details are listed
  4. In the top left menu, click on Promote:

    A service campaigns are available through the Promote menu