Install the MongoDB Server - Fluid Topics - 3.8

Install Fluid Topics on Multiple Servers

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

The MongoDB server hosts the MongoDB environment.

To install a MongoDB server, several packages are required, including the following ones:

  • mongodb-org-server
  • mongodb-org-mongos
  • mongodb-org-shell
  • mongodb-org-tools

All MongoDB installation packages are installed by the antidot-mongodb meta-package, that must be manually installed on the appropriate servers.

Antidot provides a package ONLY for installations meeting the following criteria:

  • Multiple-server installation
  • MongoDB NOT clustered

If no server is uniquely dedicated to MongoDB, MongoDB must be installed:

  • On the Indexing environment, for content and processing pipeline databases
  • On the Front environment, for the content database
  • On the Fluid Topics web server and reply environment, for the user-asset database
  • On the Back Office environment, for the Administration Center component and the Audit Trail.

The Back Office embeds other databases which are not MongoDB databases. They are used for storing the Back Office users and Analytics.

The following diagram shows a possible architecture, and its corresponding database locations:

Databases are usually located on three different servers

If your installation meets the requirements, run the following command:

As root user

yum install antidot-mongodb

This operation may take from a few minutes to an hour depending on your bandwidth.

Support is only available for MongoDB versions up to 3.4.