Declare the Project in the Back Office - Fluid Topics - 3.8

Install Fluid Topics on Multiple Servers

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

The following steps must be performed on one of the servers (Back Office, Indexing, or Front server) of the Fluid Topics environment.

Make sure that all steps in Tenant Configuration have been correctly performed.

In the case of an on-premises installation, install the project-specific package available in your repository on the Indexing server. This package is called antidot-svc-ft-$project_name-idx. It automatically launches the ft_declare_project_in_bo script.

Configure the tenant Back Office

Run the following command:

As antidot user

ft_declare_project_in_bo -t $TENANT_ID -u $TENANT_URL -H $BACK_OFFICE_HOSTNAME --ws-login $BACK_OFFICE_LOGIN --ws-password $BACK_OFFICE_PASSWORD --company $COMPANY


  • -u is the full URL of the Fluid Topics tenant
  • -H is the hostname of the Back Office server ("localhost" by default if the command is run on the server hosting the Back Office environment)
  • --ws-login (by default "antidot") and --ws-password (by default "change_on_install") parameters contain Back Office IDs of users with enough privileges (should be manage and expert roles)
  • --company (optional) is only created if the company does not exist. By default, it is the host company.

This command uses information entered during Tenant Configuration to create the corresponding project in the Back Office.

If this command returns the following error message: "command not found", please ensure that you correctly set the PATH variable.

In our example, run the following command:

ft_declare_project_in_bo -t OleanDor -u -H bo01 --ws-login antidot --ws-password change_on_install