Multiple-Server Package Installation - Fluid Topics - 3.8

Install Fluid Topics on Multiple Servers

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

Fluid Topics operations are based on several components that can be freely distributed along servers.

Please ensure that the prerequisites are met before proceeding.

The following packages, divided into unitary functional units, are all necessary for a working Fluid Topics installation. Smaller distribution is not possible:

  • Reply Environment:
    • antidot-fluidtopics-reply
    • antidot-fluidtopics-tools
  • Web Server Environment:
    • antidot-fluidtopics-webserver
    • antidot-fluidtopics-tools
  • Indexing Environment:
    • antidot-fluidtopics-indexing
    • antidot-fluidtopics-pafconfig
    • antidot-fluidtopics-scheduler
    • antidot-fluidtopics-tools
  • Back Office Environment:
    • antidot-bo
    • antidot-fluidtopics-filters-descriptor
    • antidot-fluidtopics-pafconfig
    • antidot-fluidtopics-tools
  • Update Manager Environment:
    • antidot-afs-updatemanager
    • antidot-fluidtopics-tools
  • MongoDB Environment
    • antidot-mongodb
  • PDF Server Environment
    • antidot-fluidtopics-pdf-server

To install these packages, run the following commands on each appropriate server:

As root user

yum clean all
yum install $PACKAGE_NAME

In our multi-server installation, servers hosting specific environments must be installed in the following order:

  1. Server hosting the Back Office environment
  2. Server(s) hosting the MongoDB environment
  3. Server hosting the Indexing environment
  4. Server(s) hosting the Front environment

The way the installation is documented is only given as an example of what is possible with multi-server installation. It is recommended to follow the guidelines but your installation may differ.