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Above all, technical documentation aims to empower users and paves the way toward a great product experience. By providing comprehensive documentation alongside carefully designed products, Antidot demonstrates its commitment to satisfying and supporting its user community.

The portal's feedback feature allows users to share views about all aspects of the documentation. It is possible to send questions, corrections, suggestions, and even compliments. In every document, the revision history log shows how the documentation has been improved thanks to user feedback.

The process to send feedback is as follows:

  1. Log in to Fluid Topics(OPTIONAL).
  2. Click the "feedback" icon.

    click on feedback

    The following window appears:

    feedback window

    For unauthenticated users, a new message window opens in their email client interface.

  3. Write feedback for the selected topic.
  4. Select OK (if unauthenticated, send the email).