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Essential Good Practices for AFS v7 integration are separated in following chapters.

  • AFS v7.7 offers a rich and comprehensive set of tools to qualify search service visitors:
    • Identification of search sessions and unique visitors
    • Identification of web browser
    • Identification of source IP addresses
    • Identification of selected documents

These tools are integrated into the suite, their implementation is straightforward and complies with web standards.

For more information about integrating tools for qualifying visitors, see Visitor Qualification.

  • The performance of AFS depends on the integration.

For more information about how to optimize AFS performance thanks to good integration, see Performance.

  • Some good practices are more general, applicable to every web integration, and therefore essential for a good AFS v7.7 integration.

For more information about general good practices for a good AFS integration, see General Good Practices.