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afs:unique parameter is used for deduplicating results when using a MiX service instance. See MiX chapter of the AFS Configuration Guide for more information about MiX.

If several feeds are using a common string facet (meaning a string facet with the same ID), then the following is mandatory:

  • For every feeds, the configuration of these facets must include an afs:node element and its afs:id sub-element.
  • This way, IDs of facet values will not be generated randomly.

To deduplicate results (note that deduplication is only necessary if several feeds share the same data):

  • if two identical documents have the same URI, then use afs:unique=afs:uri (afs:uri is a built-in facet, and must be activated. See Built-in facets for more information).
  • if two identical documents have the same docId, then use afs:unique=afs:docId.
  • if two identical documents have the same value for a given facet, then use afs:unique=<facet_id>.