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Sets the search select conditions (facets, or other). The select values must obey the predicate grammar.

If several select conditions are provided, they are implicitly combined using the WITH operator.


The AND, OR, NOT and WITH operators are available. The order of priority of these operators is NOT, AND, OR then WITH.


An afs:select predicate that does not contain a WITH operator will select only document items that match the predicate (meaning the logical expression will be evaluated to TRUE on these items).

Note that if the predicate contains condition on a facet, then the document items that do not contain this facet and that do not have a parent that contains this facet will not be selected.

All document items children matched by the query are displayed within the client data.

As for afs:filter, a full text query that contains several words can retrieve documents that contain occurrences of these words spread across different document items along the same branch of the document tree.

The WITH operator will combine two sub-predicates that each must be evaluated to TRUE on document items that may be different.