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  • URI UTF-8 encoding

string afs:encode-uri(string s)

  • URI UTF-8 decoding

string afs:decode-uri(string s)

  • Add a parameter in an URI with parameters. "override" indicates if values must be replaced if parameter is already present in the URI.

string add-param(string url, string key, string val, bool override ?)

  • Remove all the parameters with this key from the URL. The specification of the value is optional, for the cases where several key/value associations are available.

string del-param(string url, string key, string val ?)

  • Search for the value of URL parameter

string lookup-param(string url, string key)

  • Search for the substring "el" in the list (characters string separated by spaces).

bool in-list(string el, string list)

  • Get the lower bound of a "[1,2]" type chain

string afs:get-lower-bound(string s)

  • Get the upper bound of a "[1,2]" type chain

string afs:get-upper-bound(string s)

  • Indicate if the upper bound is included

boolean afs:is-lower-bound-included(string s)

  • Indicate if the lower bound is included

boolean afs:is-upper-bound-included(string s)