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Use the pinsMode configuration parameter to configure what happens when a search form is submitted? Are the previously visible/selected facets removed or kept?

  • ALL
    • makes all the facets persistent (default). That is they are said to be persistent because they persist across searches. They still apply from one search to another as long as you do not remove them. Considering the above snapshot, when submitting the search form all previously selected facets are kept and still filter the new search results.
  • NONE
    • Makes no facet persistent. When you search all previously selected facets are un-selected and do not apply to the new search results. Considering the above snapshot, all the facets except the feed are removed when submitting the search form.
  • LIST
    • Makes only the pinned facets persistent. When in this mode a pushpin button is displayed, next to the facet label in order to for you to choose the facet(s) you want to make persistent:
    • pin a facet to make a visible facet (aka. active filter) persistent across searches.
    • unpin a previously pinned facet, making it no longer persistent.