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afs:node describes a node in a tree facet layout and has the following attributes:

  • key (mandatory) contains the key value for the node.
  • items (mandatory) contains the number of documents classified on this facet value.

afs:node also has the following child elements:

  • A list of afs:label elements stores the localized names of the facet. A localized name is a pair made of a character string (label stored in the label attribute), and a localization (ISO 639-1 code stored in the xml:lang attribute). This list always contains at least one item.
  • A list of afs:node child elements describes the sub-nodes of the current node. When the current node is a leaf, the list is empty.
  • A list of afs:meta child elements can be used to store pairs of key and value attributes for the node. For example, when a facet contains the departments in the store search engine, afs:meta can store the URI of each department, allowing users to directly jump to the department associated with the facet value.

Output example:

<afs:node key="2" items="1">
<afs:labels xml:lang="fr" label="Aux 3 amis"/>
<afs:meta key="geolocalisation" value="45.764769,4.834056"/>