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The tables below list the 29 existing AFS Widgets. They are distributed among 7 families.

Queries Widgets:

Widget Name


Sort order selection box, and order the results according the chosen criterion.

Form fields containing the search terms.

Display and change the current number of results per page (feed when in a multi feed).

Display the pager to navigate through the results.

Results Widgets:

Widget Name


Display the search results in a default layout.

Display the search results with user callbacks.

Displays AFS search results with a high level of customization.

Displays geolocated search results on a map. Each marker corresponds to a result. When a marker is clicked, a tool tip is displayed.

Filters Widgets:

Widget Name


Facets to refine the search results.

Lists available feeds when none of them is selected.

Displays AFS date facets. It works with predefined periods such as Last week or Last Year.

Displays the facets to refine the search results using user chosen behavior.

Works with the AFS geodist functionality. It requires a geolocation-supporting search service

Results Helper Widgets:

Widget Name


Display the concepts (if any).

Display the advertisements (if any).

Display Related Searches (if any).

Display the spellchecker suggestions (if any).

Infos Widgets:

Widget Name


Display the currently active filters.

Display the search results statistics (result count, search duration).

Display an animated image while reply is being processed.

Catches notifications emitted from installed widgets.

CKS Widgets:

Widget Name


Is the entry point of a new category of widgets and functionalities.

Allows login to a distant server.

Allows logout from a distant server.

Displays user infos.

Allows to save the context of a search.

Allows to list the saved searches of the logged in user.

Allows a result seen on its product page to be bookmarked.

Allows to list the bookmarks of the logged in user.

Allows to create personal search scopes.

Development Widgets:

Widget Name


Exports JavaScript functions aimed at helping integrators to realize custom configurations.

The tables below list existing AFS Widgets Components. They are distributed among 2 families.

Results Components:

Widget Name


Displays a link whose default label is the result title and default target is result URI.

Displays a label (which by default is the abstract).

Displays result abstract.

Used to make an advanced reply formatting.

Adds on each search result a form that allows a result from a search page to be bookmarked.

ACP Components:

Widget Name


Displays ACP suggestions.