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There are three types of document layers:

  • AFS Official layers: layers managed by Antidot Software, or reserved for a specific use. They can either be public (meaning that their contents can be used in specific projects), or internal (meaning that their contents is not documented and subject to modifications without prior notice).
  • Free to use layers, that can be used in any projects. They have generic names and can be of two categories:
    • nonvolatile, will be saved to disk (USER_1 to USER_20)
    • or volatile, will never be saved by the Document Manager, better for PaF performance (VOLATILE_1 to VOLATILE_20)
  • Vendors registered layers: Developers can require Antidot to register layers for their projects using the form in appendix Layer registration request form. This makes it possible to work with the registered name of the layer. It makes it easier to reuse layers (and therefore specific filters, codes and so on) because a registered layer name is unique and permanent.