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AFS v7 is the new, major version of Antidot Finder Suite.

AFS v7 is designed to take full advantage of new hardware resources (multicore, 64-bit servers, high bandwidth memory, virtualization) while improving its usability. AFS v7 has dozens of new features, is easier to use, and runs faster.

AFS v7 covers the whole lifecycle of the information flow thanks to the new PaF and Query Engine modules. AFS v7 can be run on Antidot Cloud SaaS servers, or be installed on client-supplied hardware.

With its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on web standards (REST, XML, JSON), AFS v7 integrates smoothly into global IT infrastructures. Each AFS module can interface easily with existing applications.

Since the v7.7 release, the seventh major update to Antidot Finder Suite version 7, AFS focuses on raw performance, usability and infrastructure management.

Pipes and Filters improvements

  • Improved indexation and inversion modules. Processing time is reduced and reply databases are up to 50% smaller.
  • Python filters do not require compilation prior to their use.
  • Miscellaneous API and filter improvements.

Query Engine improvements

  • New afs:select query mode.
  • Advanced query rewriting.
  • Hits in documents can be tagged with matching section (page) numbers.
  • Localization of all linguistic resources.

Back Office improvements

  • Improved look and feel and localization.
  • New applications: Classifier Train, simple vocabulary editor.
  • Add support for subdirectories in File Repository, for "full" Uploads, and for data-driven PaF.