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afs:reply stores information about an elementary reply in a reply set. There is always exactly one afs:reply element per reply in a reply set page. Each afs:reply contains the following mandatory attributes:

  • uri is the URI of the document, as provided to the PaF module while indexing.
  • docId is the internal document identifier assigned to the document by the URI Manager of the PaF module while indexing.

For more information about URIs, see the AFS Configuration Guide.

The uri attribute is generally used to build the target link enabling users to access the document represented by the reply. The docId attribute has no specific, public semantic other than being a unique key inside a given corpus.

For more information about these items, see the AFS Configuration Guide.

afs:reply can contain the following optional attribute:

  • bestMatchPage, giving the page number or identifier of the page that contains the best match.

The best match is the set of words matching the query that are located the closest possible to each other. If there is a match in the abstract then the best match is highlighted. The best match can be located outside of the abstract and in this case the page number is only available in the bestMatchPage attribute.

For more information about page numbers or identifiers, see the AFS Configuration Guide.