AIF (Pipes and Filters) Improvements - AFS

AFS Release Notes v7.9

Release Notes

The following improvements have been made in the Pipes and Filters:

  • New afs_doc_setstatus filter: allows to set a specific status to a document.
  • New afs_acp_build filter: this filter creates an ACP reply database by iterating over the documents of the corpus and reading a pre-built layer containing information for one or several ACP replies.
  • afs_search_build does not produce fragmented result databases anymore. As a result, use of defragmenting filters is no longer required. afs_search_build has thus been merged with afs_search_defrag.
  • afs_pafmanager has been improved to warn users if used while $AFS7 is set to a value different than /usr/local/afs7.
  • Improved PaF lock behavior:
    • New PaFs will now be waiting for running locked PaF to be finished before launching.
    • PaF lock feature is now compatible with AIF Data Lake.