Launch a PaF in Synchronous Live Processing Mode - ABO

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This API allows to run a PaF process in Synchronous Live Processing mode. This API can return:

  • a single layer, or
  • multiple layers

The PaF Manager needs the following file to launch the PaF:


The following examples use CURL. Any other HTTP client can be used.

In case of error, the following codes may appear:

  • 400: Bad Request - the server cannot or will not process the request due to something that is perceived to be an error in sent data (if data were sent).
  • 403: Forbidden - the user is not authorized to launch a PaF.
  • 404: Not Found - the PaF (or the service) does not exist.
  • 500: Internal Server Error - an error occurred with the bo-server/AC/PaF Manager.
  • 503: Service Unavailable - PaF Manager is not available at the moment (network error or stopped daemon).