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The search engine can search for exact expressions. It can find documents where the expression keywords appear in the exact order of the query. For example, when searching for the expression "search engine", the search engine returns documents containing the "search engine" keywords in this order, and not documents containing "the search of an engine for a car", "where is my engine? search for it", or else.

To perform an exact expression search, another pair of quotes must surround the searched string. The quotes can either be single quotes, or double quotes escaped with a backslash character. For example, fts("’search engine’") only returns documents containing the expression "search engine".

The query can also be expressed with fts("\"search engine\"")

If the query contains quotes, then these quotes must be preceded by a backslash character in order to distinguish them from the quotes used as exact string delimiters.


  • Full-text search for Joe's:


  • Full-text search for exact expression Sue's Weeding:

fts("'Sue\'s wedding'")

fts("\"Sue\'s wedding\"")

  • Note that it is necessary to escape a backslash when searching for it thanks to an fts. Full-text search for Foo \Bar:

fts(Foo \\Bar)