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This package contains functions that enable to manipulate XML documents. They are cross-browser (tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE 7, IE8, IE9). This set of functions supports XML namespaces and XPath expressions on such documents.

Integrating AFS Widgets often requires manipulating XML documents that are located in AFS, for instance replies client data.

XML namespaces that are used in documents must be declared in the XML section of the global configuration, see XML Subobject.

This package is located in the following JavaScript variable: AFSWidget.sdk.xml

XML and XPath known issues:
XML is not properly supported by all browsers. Our underlying XML parser tries its best to hide all this complexity. There is still some limitations when using XPath that should work cross browsers.
The currently known issues are:
- renaming a XPath prefix does not work in IE9 and IE10
- using a XPath starting with "//" does not work in IE9 and IE10