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A wildcard is a character that may be used in a search term to represent one or more other characters. The wildcard character used in AFS is an asterisk ("*").

Example: the query 'que*' will also trigger results for 'query', 'queries',etc. In this example, 'Query Engine' may also be returned as a result, even though it is not explicitly researched, as only 'query' is expansed.

To enable Wildcard Search Processing, set the QEng/SearchFrontEnd/QueryParsing/Wildcard/enableExplicit option to true.

Wildcard search processing is triggered only when an asterisk is present at the end (as the last character) of a queried word.

The query with keyword "foo*bar" really searches for "foo*bar".

It is also possible to enable Wildcard Processing for each word of the query. To do that, set the QEng/SearchFrontEnd/QueryParsing/Wildcard/enableAutomatic option to true.

Using automatic Wildcard Processing on large corpus generates a large number of results for any query.