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To check that the search is properly installed, a browser can be used to access the searchURI/search?afs:check=front-end address.


The reply must be an XML feed containing information about the search engine, in a reply set with the URI set with "AFS v7 check feed" like in the following example:

<afs:meta uri="AFS v7 check feed" …/>
<afs:reply docId="1" uri="">
<afs:text>Your AFS v7 front end is operational</afs:text>




When using Safari or Chrome, the XML feed may not be displayed properly — because the browsers usually show only the content of the text attributes. To fix this, it is recommended to display the source code of the page with the matching browser command.

These pre-checks ensure that the search web service is properly set up, meaning that the web front-end and AFS binary are correctly set up. However, they exclude the Query Manager or any service instance.