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afs:content contains the list of replies of a reply set, and when available, cluster information. When cluster mode is enabled, afs:content has an afs:cluster child element, containing:

  • Meta information about the cluster: its identifier (id attribute) and information about the replies in the cluster (totalItems, pageItems…)
  • The list of replies, made of one afs:reply element per reply (described in section afs:reply)

For more information, see CLUSTER.

If replies are not clustered, then afs:content does not have an afs:cluster child element, but a list of afs:reply child elements (one element per reply).

If overspill mode is enabled then replies that could not be fitted in the list of replies of their cluster are stored in a list of afs:reply child elements.

For more information, see Clustering.

The replies in afs:content are always sorted according to the sort criterion:

  • In non-clustered mode, replies are sorted within the top-level reply list. The first reply is the most relevant reply, according to afs:sort.
  • In clustered mode:
    • The replies are sorted within each cluster, the first reply being the more relevant.
    • In overspill mode, extraneous replies in the top-level reply list make up a separated, sorted list.
    • Clusters are sorted according to the relevancy of their best reply — the first cluster is the cluster containing the most relevant reply of the query, the second cluster contains the most relevant reply except from the replies from the first cluster, etc..
    • It is not possible to change the sort order within a cluster.
    • It is not possible to change the sort order of clusters.