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Custom widgets often enable integrator to customize the widget's DOM tree. In this case, the element to which the built DOM tree must be attached is passed as a parameter function.

Here is a little example that shows how to handle DOM nodes with jQuery.

// Lets assume the DOM node is the element variable
// We load element with JQuery
var $element = $(element);
// Builds a h2 node and inserts it into the given element
$element.append($('<h2 />', {'class':'title', text:'Hello world!'}));
// Builds a button with a click handler
var $button = $('<button />', {'class': 'button', text: 'Click me!', click: function() {window.alert('I have been clicked');}});

This code inserts the following code into the given element:

<h2 class="title">Hello world!</h2><button class="button">Click me!</button>

When clicked, the button opens a pop-up window with the text: I have been clicked