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For a new AFS Widgets project - based on a demo template or not - to work, there is a minimal configuration to write or adjust. It concerns the Search service to query.

Here is the minimum to set up widgets:

<div data-type="AFSWidget" data-name="Configuration">
<script type="application/json">
"afsDefaults": {
"afs:service": <my_service_number>,
"afs:status": "<my_service_status>"

Or in the JavaScript way:

var AFSWidgetConfiguration = {
afsDefaults: {
'afs:service': <my_service_number>,
'afs:status': '<my_service_status>'

In case the Search service is not on the integration machine, consider using the afsPath configuration property. Refer to topic Define the Path to the Search Engine.

It is possible to define the language of the widget interface thanks to the following meta:

<meta name="gwt:property" content="locale=fr">

See Defining Local (GWT i18n) for more details.